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In the picturesque foothills of the Crimean Mountains adjacent to Simferopol district, one of the most beautiful landscape- The Crying rock graciously spread the flowering fields of medicinal herbs. These fields belong to the LLC FitoFarm "Rainbow", which is formed on the basis of the farm "Rainbow" and since 2003 its successor.

State Farm was established in 1944, during World War II as a specialized farm for growing medicinal herbs and for 67 years has been engaged in manufacturing and processing of medicinal-plant materials, being a leader medicinal plant in Ukraine.

In the decision of the Board of Simferopol district Parlament was written: "All of the vacant land and buildings of the former collective farm named after Third International in the village Agach Eli total area of which are 2,335 hectares - are to be given in the permanent usage of the Trust Union of the Medicinal Hebs".

The name came in my mind right away on the field, when all our herbs were blooming. Suddenly it started to rain, and a rainbow stretched over the field, and so I decided: "to be the Rainbow ". So we started in the 1973 with the name "Rainbow" - recalls Fedor Sologub, State Farm Main Manager in 1970 - 1998.

"The main our wealth is the people - excellent specialists in their field. All that we have achieved is due to their selfless work " - says the president of Ltd. FitoFarm "Rainbow" Sergei Prokhorovich Kutko

For cultivation of medicinal plants used by 700 hectares. the remaining area under grain crops and fallow.

Due to the unique climatic conditions, rich experience, the Farm grows and processes more than 30 environmentally friendly high-quality medicinal crops, such as peppermint. Back in the 1b.c Roman writer Pliny the Elder advised his followers to wear a head wreath made of mint, claiming that its scent "refreshes and stimulates the brain." The Sage (Salvia) veteran herb of the Farm. Hippocrates believed the herb was sacred and the most useful drug, it is no accident that in translation from Latin SALVUS means "to be healthy". There is Echinacea Purpurea among the herbs grown in the Farm, which was called by Germans in the old days "the queen of herbs". Also there is growing marsh mallow known by everybody since childhood, from which we also get mucolitic cough medicine "Mukaltin.

About the motherwort we can write a lot, but the main advantage is that it has calming effect during nervous excitability and sleeplessness. In addition to these herbs there are camomile, fennel scented, fennel, lavender, catnip, hyssop, belladonna, catgut and much more medicinal herbs are growing in the Farm.

The staff of FitoFarm Rainbow" refers to its products with sincere love and wishes to bring health, joy to every home and desire to do good on earth.

Everybody welcome to cooperate!

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