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Processing of raw material

Green mass from the field goes to the processing base. Before drying all raw material undergoes primary processing: it is cleaned, selected and all defective parts are deleted.

Different plants are dried under different conditions. The Farm has several types of dryers. They allow to receive big volume of green material from the field and dry it under necessary drying conditions.

Multicell dryer allows us simultaneously dry out several types of herbs.

Leafs and roots are pressed into bales, standardized, packed and sent to the warehouse.

We are the largest medicinal herbs manufacturer in Ukraine. But do not forget that the amount is confirmed by quality. Licensed Farm laboratory monitors the quality of the products, checks it out at all stages, from the seeds of medicinal herbs, which are going to be planted , to the label on the product and its further storage.

Modern equipment allows to obtain high quality products.

The product is sold in the domestic market:

  • pharmacies
  • chemical plants
  • food industry

70-80% of our products are not exported(near or far abroad).


Our laboratory meets the criteria for certification.

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