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There are more than 100 species of medicinal herbs in our nursery.

Not all of them are used on large plantations. For example: winter savory, dyers-madder, holy thistle, sweet marjoram, klatches, thyme, tansy, plantain, datura, anise, goats-rue(Galega officinalis), sea parsley, horse gowan, sparrowgrass, basil and some others are grown only in the nursery.

Thanks to the nursery there is always the seed bank and plenty of planting material. Students of Pharmaceutical and medical universities are having practice in our nursery.

The tourist route Health and strength in plants of the Crimea is developed and working. Here you can learn history of our Farm and a lot about medicinal herbs, growing in our fields.

There is also cozy café Dushisty Hmel (The Fragrant Hop) in which you can relax and try series of teas Nikitas Garden made from our herbs.

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