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Crop science

In 1945 the new farm produced 37 tons of medicinal herbs, 320 tons of grain and 141 tons of vegetables.

The average annual production was following in 1961-1965:

  • Medicinal plants-240 tons,
  • Grain-564 tons.

The Production of medicinal raw materials were: in 1983 - 1200 tons in 2009 - 600 - 700 tons (dry).

The Farm has 700 hectares of medicinal crops in 2011:

  • sage
  • marsh mallow
  • motherwort
  • camomille
  • elfwort
  • Echinacea purpurea
  • peppermint
  • hyssop
  • melissa
  • fennel
  • deadly nightshade
  • oregano
  • stick tight(beggars tick)galega
  • catnip
  • artichoke
  • dill
  • coriander
  • setwell
  • terragon
  • lavender
  • elsgolts

We have mastered the technology of cultivation of following medicinal crops:

  • way bread
  • yarrow
  • immorelle
  • coltsfoot
  • St. Johns wort
  • anise
  • nettle

The Farm has laid Cornelian Cherry garden with drip irrigation, 15 ha. It is the only Cornelian Cherry garden on such a large area in Europe.

State Farm also produces seeds of medicinal herbs. Farm Rainbow has tillage, certified for bioproducts.

Since the early 70s the Farm has irrigation on the fields, new sprinklers were purchased and 10 km of water pipes were paved.

Most herbs are growing using irrigation,(drip sprinklers).

FitoFarm Rainbow is a farm with the large set of equipment(Fregat, Rienke, Benlich), necessary for execution of all agricultural needs.

the economy is very competitive nowadays. Therefore it is necessary to predict all possible situations that may happen. The economy may claim one material today and another tomorrow. We should keep the nose by the wind and have an idea about our competitors. It is survival to have a product that others do not, - states the president of the Farm Sergey Prochorovich Kutko.

Many medicinal herbs are grown only in FitoFarm Rainbow. And the Farm is in save hands. The skilled machine operators under the leadership of the professional medicinal herbs agronomist perform complex agronomic activities necessary for cultivation of the medicinal herbs.

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